About Us

The Southeast Asian Centre for e-Media (SEACeM) which was launched in 2004 has provided consultancy to more than a dozen of independent media, and has trained more than 200 civil society groups.

SEACeM is committed to be the catalyst for societal change by building the capability of freedom of expression champions and human rights defenders in this region.

The mission of SEACeM is as follows: “Building capability for the use of electronic media technologies by Southeast Asian independent media and civil society organizations towards the enhancement of press freedom, democracy and human rights.”

In order to achieve the above mission, we identify relevant media organizations and civil societies and build their capability for growth in the use of ICT by focusing on the following strategic areas:

  • Strengthen the capacity of independent online news to use technology effectively to provide alternative news
  • Enhance or build citizen journalist and social media activists as eyes and ears of the people
  • Build the capacity of human rights defender to use information and technology effectively for advocacy
  • Provide assistance to journalists and human rights defenders under threat so that they could continue their work effectively.
  • Strengthening the role of civil society to influence policy outcomes through online advocacy
  • Improve civil society and citizen participation in decision making at the local, national and regional level