Mobile Constituent Management Pilot: WECARE.MY

The goal of this project is to encourage the growth of participatory democracy in Malaysia through the innovative use of mobile-based technologies for interaction between local councilors and citizens. Through this system, local councils can better monitor and resolve problems faced by the citizens; whereas for the citizens they will be able to engage with the councilors and participate in the decision making process of local councils.

In collaboration with Caring Communities of Malaysia, a pilot was carried out in late 2012, and is expected to run throughout the year 2013. The project consists of 2 components:  A web-based portal which can be accessed at, and a mobile-based application which can be downloaded at Google Play. By using the mobile application, participants will be able to create groups, or join any groups in their local vicinities. By using the smartphone, local residents are now the eyes and ears of the local authorities.