Religious Tolerance

SEACeM will work with INTERNEWS to establish a new media laboratory to produce tailored new media advocacy and reporting tools to support constructive religious discussion in Malaysia.

This innovative laboratory will have both  research and applied functions, across the following phases: Research , Consultation, Development, Deployment, and Review.

The services to be provided shall fall under the following 3 areas:

  • New Application Development

Development of new applications addressing the needs of civil society groups based on Map-based solutions, Android or iPhone platforms, or existing open source CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. We will also explore the use of  e-learning methodologies that will promote tolerance in a society. The applications will be based on open source and will be readily available to organizations with similar problem statement to use the application for their advocacy purpose.

  • Technical Assistance for Web Development

Providing assistance to up to NGOs to create new web portals or upgrade existing portals. This will be on the form of consultancy sessions with the NGOS and web development activities. The scope of the assistance will involve the following:
a. Upgrading and customization of templates
b. Research and installation of plugins
c. Consultancy in content strategy

  • Deployment of Social Media for Advocacy

Providing consultancy and trainings to NGOs in the use of existing social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, or newer tools such as Foursquare.  Apart from that the NGOs will be exposed to other advocacy sites for Donations, Petitions and Causal promotions.