Monitoring and e-Advocacy for Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in South Asia and Southeast Asia

The program aims to develop a system to monitor the implementation of UPR recommendations, and to develop an e-advocacy plan to promote the freedom of expression so that it will be accepted by the countries under UPR review. It also aims to increased awareness of freedom of expression issues amongst the internet community from the target countries.

We aim to establish a web-based platform that monitors the implementation of UPR recommendations by each state under review. By aggregating the information into a visual presentation, CSOs and Activists better understand and present the basis of their advocacy activities to the public, and thus will be able to provide clarity to ordinary members of the public who may not be familiar with human rights issues or the UPR process itself.

We will also assist our beneficiaries in developing regional-level e-advocacy campaign using social media tools to create awareness among netizens. Online campaigns have been shown to be a cost-effective tool for NGOs to reach out to the public as compared to traditional media. However, online campaigns are more effective if it ties in with offline activities which resonates with the public, such as physical demonstrations or protests. As such our engagement with CSOs in the 5 countries in crucial to complement existing activities for freedom of expression.