The Media Canary

The “Media Canary” is a system that consists of a web based and a mobile version that aims to mitigate the risk of journalists working in a risky environment or under constant threat.

This application bridges the current gaps between journalists working on the ground with the monitoring committee and the organizations that provide assistance.

The system is unique in such a way it leverages on new technologies such as GPS, live information sharing and collaboration that will be able to provide information such as their current location, current situation or their environmental condition which is critical in relief and rescue operations.

The Media Canary system has two components. The web version is accessible through a secured protocol whereby journalists, monitoring committee and the organizations that provide assistance will be able to develop mitigation plans, share information and conduct an analysis in real-time .

The mobile version will consist of similar web features, but it will also include other unique features such as geo fencing, buddy to buddy help and safe route suggestion for the journalists.