Jiranku Prototype

Jiranku is a P2P aware Android application which enables device to device communication and information sharing. Jiranku would be utilised in any situation where the user is within proximity with the target device. It does not require 3G connections, which may be unavailable, slow or expensive in many parts of the world.

This project builds an application that allows Android mobile phones to act as content servers to other phones within wifi range. Other phones would then be able to detect and access publicly shared content on that mobile phone or mobile server, without having to go through any Internet Service Provider or Telco operator. This application would allow users to share content without being monitored, thus allowing the sharing of news and information in closed societies.

Mobile phone users would go to public spaces such as markets, schools, transport hubs to allow others to pick up their phone servers and browser text and video from their public share folders. Both the sender and receiver would remain anonymous, thus protecting their identities.

The device discovery uses various P2P protocol stacks together to achieve maximum compatibility and zeroconf (Zero Configuration Network) discovery across various platforms and situations.

Jiranku will include an application manager and API to enable application developers to develop their applications and plugins utilising the proximity, grouping and communication features of Jiranku.

The first Jiranku prototype has been developed by SEACeM, supported by INTERNEWS. Please visit Jiranku’s project website for more information.