Support Us

How can you contribute towards the promotion of freedom of expression, democracy and human rights?

We assist independent media, civil society groups and socio-political bloggers. By providing trainings and consultancy on the use of new technology, we believe that this will enhance the effective of their advocacy goals, including direct impact on the targetted community or government. You can be part of this important and endeavour through the following ways:

a. Partnerships for New Projects

If you are a donor agency, you are welcomed to partner with us to develop new programs or projects that will lead towards the democratization of Asia in general, or Southeast Asia specifically. We have developed effective monitoring system that will ensure that the success of the program with measurable indicators. Our current donor includes Free Voice of Netherlands and the Open Society Institute.

b. Cash or In-kind donations

You are welcome to donate cash so that we will be able to increase the number of participants for our program, or you could donate any of the following media related items:

  1. Video Cameras: We are in dire need of simple and user friendly cameras that we hope will assist socio-political bloggers for effective advocacy
  2. Web Hosting and Bandwidth: Our clients may need additional bandwidth, and your kind contribution can help ease their financial strain
  3. New Notebooks: Additional computers will increased the daily work operations of media organizations or NGOs that do not have revenue for system of computer upgradings.

c. Moral Support

Finally, you could also provide moral support by writing about us, or join the Facebook Friends of SEACeM groups. Increased publicity for SEACeM will increased the chances of we getting support from others.

If you wish to contribute please email to: The Executive Director,